Connecting People with Purpose

You're busy making ends meet and stray from life’s meaning and passion. We consult with people and companies to connect with their strategic purpose using a Heart Plan Road Map. The clarity feels like a jail break from mediocrity and leads to greater value for others while moving the dial on your prosperity. When our dreams come true, we make the world a better place for everyone. 

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1. Live With Purpose

Freed from mediocrity and boredom. Building my own dream instead of someone else's.

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2. I Can Hear Others

When I know where I'm going, I can hear what's in the hearts of others.

Now I can "Listen" to Hearts

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3. A Passionate Warrior

Now I'm excited, wholehearted, enthusiastic... Inspiring others.

5 Changes You'll Love

What If I Miss the Opportunity

We understand being on a path to nowhere. It’s busy, boring, frustrating, working on someone else’s dream and you’re disengaged from your own. The Heart Plan addresses three types of people. Are you in one of these camps?

Making a Career Transition

Freed from mediocrity and boredom. Building my own dream instead of someone else's.

Knowing What's In My Book (Destiny)

 I have a sense of destiny, That I want to find, fulfill and finish

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Building a Kingdom Company

I don’t want to walk away from my business, but I do want to connect it with a Kingdom purpose.

Steve Reiter (Right Turn Media)

I had the pleasure of working with John on my heart plan. I was working on what direction to pursue in business and he helped pull out of me clear and defined goals and directions. I found him to be very initiative, wise, and discerning. His patience and encouragement helped put me on the path to where I am, right now ... making the most money I ever have, all while having the margin I desire in my life to keep my family a priority. I can't recommend working with John highly enough!

Larry Tyler,

John was an answer to prayer! Partnering with John transformed my thinking and he did a metamorphosis on my website messaging to something that spoke precisely to my target audience resulting in an outcome I was extremely proud to call mine. The Story Brand framework he used fit my style – simple and concise.

Ways You Can Use the Heart Plan to Discover Your Purpose

We suggest the online heart plan. We’ve made it easy with video instruction, downloadable templates you can fill out and live Q&A on Zoom and Facebook. If you get stuck we can get you unstuck with personal coaching or hourly consultation. For Your Business - We're integrating our own proprietary "Heart Plan" process for coaching with Story Brand marketing as a certified Guide. Heart Brand is the best of both worlds to align the brand strategy with the business strategy... Marketing from the heart for purpose and profits.

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