Mighty Men and Daily Wins

Uncategorized Nov 18, 2021

This blog link is something I found very helpful. Thought you might enjoy.

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Leveraging the Media Mountain in Easter Europe 9:30 PDT

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2021

This is short notice but if you can join, you will be blessed.

Zoom -

More here -

The recording will be on the blog link after.

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The gospel in business

God has a plan that will ignite your business.
It's written down already... in your heart.
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Launching Intentional Reformation Primer

Uncategorized May 29, 2020

We're launching John’s ebook for $99 cents on Amazon Kindle this Friday (Today, May 29). Why?

 - It’s 5 steps to the dream God wrote in your heart

 - It’s useful, practical, and engaging (and short)

 - We're going to make it a best seller - with your help

As a favor to a good friend, you can contribute to this book’s success and possibly learn how the Amazon book publishing process is done. Have you ever thought of writing your own book? This is a great opportunity to follow along and see if we make it. John will be posting interesting videos, interviews, and status all day.

As a friend I am asking for your help:

  1. On Friday (today) buy the kindle version for $0.99
  2. Cut and paste this text to email or facebook
  3. Post your purchase on my page for social proof.

That’s all. Do these three things and we’ll get there!

WHY? – God has written something in your heart that needs to be released. “You” are the topic of this...

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Heart Plan Starts May 29


Taste and see what’s coming in your life


5 Proven Steps to Experience Your Future Now

Gain Clarity from a Revolutionary Online Course

with a Live Tribe and a Personal Guide


Hell and monotony are the same place!

We all want to be wholehearted, passionate, and celebrated for something; not fogged in mediocrity and obscurity – our lives should matter! Living without a clear purpose is a ticket on a slow train to nowhere!

  • Did you know that purpose is woven into your DNA?
  • Wouldn’t you like to experience being chosen for something special?
  • Wouldn’t you like the wind at your back with some victories and celebrations?


Dear Compatriot, Serfdom is not normal! There really is a hero inside of you.

  • If you've felt disengaged and disconnected, then finding your clarity can be compelling
  • If you've felt rejection and resignation, then discovering your purpose will be powerful
  • If you're fuzzy on the next step or where to get help, then check this out
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Heart Plan Endorsements

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2019


We’ve developed two online courses to bring prophetic and practical clarity to your purpose, vocation or business and a success path to seeking the Father in the courts of heaven and the council:

  • The Heart Plan will help you fish your purpose out of the deep waters of your heart and get it in writing: Watch the free videos. You can take this class anytime or wait for the next round, and we’ll go through it again as a group with weekly zoom calls (Starts September 6). Start by reading Releasing Kings.
  • Seers and Doers - will help you communicate with your Father and the Spirit of Wisdom in a practical way. Start with Seers and Doers via

These are the stories that came out of the first Heart Plan on line Course.

Stella - June 2019 The Netherlands

Much more than a plan – it changed my belief! I met John in our church years ago. In 2009 I became a radical Christian, and I really thought my calling...

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