Launching Intentional Reformation Primer

Uncategorized May 29, 2020

We're launching John’s ebook for $99 cents on Amazon Kindle this Friday (Today, May 29). Why?

 - It’s 5 steps to the dream God wrote in your heart

 - It’s useful, practical, and engaging (and short)

 - We're going to make it a best seller - with your help

As a favor to a good friend, you can contribute to this book’s success and possibly learn how the Amazon book publishing process is done. Have you ever thought of writing your own book? This is a great opportunity to follow along and see if we make it. John will be posting interesting videos, interviews, and status all day.

As a friend I am asking for your help:

  1. On Friday (today) buy the kindle version for $0.99
  2. Cut and paste this text to email or facebook
  3. Post your purchase on my page for social proof.

That’s all. Do these three things and we’ll get there!

WHY? – God has written something in your heart that needs to be released. “You” are the topic of this particular ebook. I’m SELLING as I hard as can to get you to BUY the dream God has written in your heart.


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