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Tribe is a mastermind approach that includes

10 weeks in the Heart Plan

+ 8 Weeks in Seers and Doers

We walk with you to implement what you've experienced.

1) We & the tribe will help you land your dream

2) New networks and consulting

3) Release your heart to help others

(start your own tribe)


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The Tribe and Mastermind Phase

Tribe turned out be a key ingredient of our two courses. The synergism, collaboration and enthusiasm to support one another were an unanticipated blessing.


The Bests Value for Your Future

More Info? Text 509-308-6873 and we'll call you back. The Tribe option includes 10 weeks of the heart Plan; 8 weeks of Seers and Doers; a Tribe of friends to inspire you from then on. it's Fun and you're invited!

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 learn by doing

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Instills Confidence

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