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Make prayer a divine encounter:

1) Why Courts and Council?

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Why Seers and Doers

There are a bow wave of business and 7 mountain men and women hungry for Kingdom and excited about reformation. The Courts and Council are tools to help you get there.


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Start with the Book, then engage the experience by taking the course (videos, narrative and live zoom calls). We are also building a tribe that you will experience during the zoom calls to make it easy, practical, scriptural and impactful. We don't offer this course without the live mentoring. More Info? Text 509-308-6873 and we'll call you back.

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Seers and Doers provides an amazing overview of a personal experience in the council and how it happened, practically and theologically. Start here!

"Larry Tyler - John’s online course, Seers and Doers was a natural progression from his Heart Plan online course. It was important for me, following the Heart Plan course, to act on what God placed on my heart. Implementing things on earth to have a greater impact in service to others and the Kingdom was important. But how do I do it? John’s book Seers and Doers gave me the instruction and impetus to go beyond what I thought was possible for myself. The book is filled with practical instruction and his personal experiences. But, the course with all the practical activations during the Zoom sessions, John sharing more of his experiences and wisdom and the input from all the attendees was very helpful and encouraging. A real community developed with the Zoom calls and this was fun. I now felt compelled to go to either the courts of heaven to clear accusations and receive decrees for my life and or the heavenly council to get instruction and encouragement to more aggressively pursue my life’s purpose. The activations during the Zoom calls and going myself at home allowed me to practice using my heretofore atrophied spiritual hearing and seeing senses. This was fun, beginning to see and hear and then do. With practice it got easier! I now feel like Caleb and Joshua going into the promised land and coming back with a “good” report rather than a negative report like the other ten scouts. This course is a great investment for becoming a true son of God. "

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